Self Image – Believe in Yourself

Joyce brothers rightly said, “A strong, positive self image is the best possible preparation for success”.

Self Image is an attitude that we hold about ourselves, belief in ourselves and our  abilities that enables us to move forward and achieve goals in life. Positive self image is something that either one has or does not, but can achieve over time. It is extremely important to have a opinion of ourselves if we are aiming for success as we perform exactly as we see ourselves.

In educational process, Student self image is vital to his or her success. A healthy self image helps in building self confidence among students.The amount of confidence a student possess will affect every aspect of his or her educational goals. In other words Healthy self image creates opportunities for success and with each new success, another self confidence building block is put into place.

Let us now understand how we can build and maintain a healthy self image which in turn will certainly help in building self confidence.

1. No More Excuses: We often make excuses like:

  1. I’m just not lucky.
  2. I’m not made that way.
  3. I didn’t got the time to finish my work.

Remember, all these are just excuses not justification. So make it a habit to never make an excuse to justify any of your failure if you are not able to achieve your goals or ambitions..

2. Have faith in yourself: Have faith and belief in your capabilities and allow your brain to perform. You are good and you are going to get better.

3. Believe in yourself: Sudha Chandran,an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer met with an accident when she was just 16. Doctors missed a small wound in her ankle and plastered it, which later got infected and there was no alternative left but to amputate her leg. She overcame her disability by getting a prosthetic “Jaipur Foot”.

Hardships and pains she suffered did not deter her as she strongly believed in herself and today she is recognised as one of the most popular and acclaimed classical dancers of the country.

If you believe you can,you will recognise your abilities to accomplish your goals. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential and the result is almost certain success.

4. Overcome your mistakes: If taken optimistically every mistake is a learning experience.Students often avoid projects or task fearing the mistakes they could commit. Remember, people who make history- the true innovators- saw their mistakes as a mere stepping stone to success.

5. Check your environment: Try to gel up with people who are positive, enthusiastic and who are builders rather than takers. Associating with people who are success oriented will certainly motivate you to achieve your goals.

Summing up altogether, a positive self image is a basic ingredient for a happy, contented and successful life. For students, healthy self image helps in boosting up the confidence level and enable them to have the right attitude to achieve their educational goals.

There can be more ways to build and maintain healthy self image. Pour in your ideas and thoughts as learning helps to stay young forever.

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